Style and Grace

Style and Grace
Josalyn Nicole Josalyn Nicole


    The definition of grace is poise, elegance, forgiveness, and a blessing. An example of grace is the way a beautiful stylish woman can easily walk across the room. In life, you need the strength of self to approach any and everything that comes your way with style and graceI believe that there are certain mannerisms and social graces that differentiate one from another and these can actually help us navigate our ever-changing world. Here are some tips to exude and evoke style and grace in your everyday life. 

    Tips to Exude Style and Grace

    1. Effectively Manage Your Time
    2. Be Thoughtful of Others
    3. Wear Clothes That Fit You Well
    4. Wear Clothes and Shoes That Are in Good Condition
    5. Be Mindful of Your Appearance at All Times
    6. Have Excellent Poise & Posture


    In my opinion, a great outfit can be empowering. Who doesn't want to walk into there day with an outfit, you know, looks good and makes you feel good. There are days were my outfit is the last thing I care about, but then there are those days were I have a extra time to look good and I love making the most of it and that’s the beauty of fashion.

    Your outfit choices that match your mood is like a beautiful form of self-expression. Several studies show our mood can be affected depending on what we wear and how we feel upon waking can affect our choice of outfit and subsequent moods. A dress that enhances the body can be valued not only because it makes the wearer feel more confident and beautiful, but also because remembering the confidence and admiration these pieces brought, is valued long after the dress has been worn. It's that thing that makes you feel like the truest, strongest version of yourself and expressing yourself to the world in your own unique way. 







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