Fashion Trend: The Tiny Bag

Fashion Trend: The Tiny Bag
Josalyn Nicole Josalyn Nicole


    The Tiny Bag

    I like to be up on all trends, and then decide if it fits me and my own personal style. So let's talk about the tiny bag. It really is the new cute new accessory. When Jacquemus launched the tiny handbag, named "Le Chiquito", at under 4 inches tall and slightly more than 2 inches wide for $495, the accessory went viral and, naturally, became one of the biggest fashion items of 2018. In Fall 2019, Louis Vuitton launched their Scott Box, which can be used as a purse or cosmetic bag. We saw tiny bags also featured in Dolce and Gabbana’s Spring/Summer Collection 2020. The recent Chanel Cruise 2021 Collection, featured a lot of tiny bags as well. Let's get into some very cute tiny bag looks:



    A Classic Piece

    I love an accessory that you can wear with different looks in your wardrobe and will still be in style next season. This is what I call, a classic piece. I love to spoil myself, but I love to save money more. So, I rather invest in a classic piece that I can get the most use from, rather than a piece that is a one season look. The Scott Box for me is a classic piece. The Box Scott Bag is a transparent box, made from Plexiglass. The Monogram patterns are embellished all over the body, which makes it very eye-catching. Below is a picture I took on the beach in the Bahamas, it was the perfect size for what I needed. Dior, Valentino, and LV is the perfect vacay combo. 


    The Details 

    The details of the Scott Box can be traced back to the vintage House trunks like the rich VVN leather that’s crafted on the top with gleaming metal. It also features the Trunk S-lock signature, which shimmers like gold. According to LV website, the Box Scott can be used to hold jewelry or makeup or simple sit atop of a dressing table. But that would be a waste of beauty, right?




    Two different looks with the same bag, I love this box.  With its versatility, you can get a new look each time you wear it by adding a different Louis Vuitton Silk Bandeau on the top of it. I have a pale pink bandeau, multi-colored hot pink bandeau, and a black and gold detailed bandeau. There are numerous silk designs available, which mean we can personalize the bag for every occasion. The Scott Box can be purchased from LV website, click here, for $1,130 and LV Bandeau run from $185 to $320, depending on the design. Let me know what you think and send me looks on how you’ve styled your Scott Box! 








    Thank you! I’m glad you love it! That’s a great idea!

    Josalyn Nicole July 2020

    This bag is so cute. I’ve been dying to get one. I swear I love your blog so much you should do a video on how you pick the bandeau on it

    Nia June 2020

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