Self-Love: Vol I

Self-Love: Vol I
Josalyn Nicole Josalyn Nicole

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    It's important to make an effort in doing the things that inspire you and light you up. Work and build on the things that bring you closer to your best self. A passion aligned with purpose will come easy to you and will feel right and help you in more ways than one. It can give you the gratification that allows you to truly see your worth. Finding your passion is about connecting to your authentic self; What brings you joy? What do you truly love to do? What brings you happiness and fulfillment?


    Key Steps to Self Love 

    Self Love is taking the time out to nourish your mind, body, and soul— practicing positive thinking, self care, calling yourself out on your shit, exercising regularly, eating well, etc. Maintaining positivity to me is having hope and confidence in one’s ability to handle what’s tough. There is no way to be positive in every situation you face, that’s not real, tough times hurt, misfortunes scar, but it is our responsibility to look for a positive out of any situation we deal with in order to heal and grow.

    Positivity is key in being optimistic towards life and accepting your true self for all your beautiful qualities, even through some of your toughest obstacles. Because when you take the time to truly care for yourself, you are honoring your truth and trusting your intuition. It’s being able to say no to things you don’t agree with and don’t fit in with your plans. It’s deciding to spend time with people who only support, encourage, and motivate you to be the best version of yourself. It's nourishing your body, maintaining your diet, and staying healthy. Designating at least 30 minutes out of your day to workout is sometimes the best key to staying balance.  



    Exercises that Improve Self Love

    When we truly love and respect ourselves, we’re free from doubt and trust our feelings and decisions. It allows us to be courageous and authentic. We begin to live from the heart and play a bigger, more generous version of our lives. We forget our self-imposed boundaries and dare to dream bigger. We stop focusing on negativity and become present to the beautiful possibilities within and outside of ourselves. We realize how great our lives are and open the doors for gratitude to flow in abundance. We start to emanate happiness, confidence, joy, and peace. 

    Once you make an effort to do more of the things you love, go a little further. Take time out every evening to reflect on the day—what worked, what didn’t work, and what you will do differently tomorrow. Start decluttering your home, office, and car. Get rid of anything that doesn’t make your life easier or more beautiful. Buy yourself something amazing after accomplishing something amazing. Challenge yourself and come up with exercises that connect to you.


    More Self Love Tips

    God created us uniquely and divine. Whatever we focus on in life, we get more of. If we focus on problems, we live solely in those problems and hinder our own growth. However, when we love ourselves and focus on positivity, we seek out solutions and resolve our problems and move into abundance. Self Love is one of the most powerful magnets for prosperity.  


    Believe in your potential and your light. 






    Paige, Thank you! If you have any suggestions on topics you want me to discuss let me know! Xoxo

    Josalyn Nicole April 2020

    Lovely read!

    Paige March 2020

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