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    For Throwback Thursday and because of Father's Day, it was on my heart to share with you one of my most memorable spa day experiences. It is not my most memorable because it was the best massage I ever had, or the champagne that day was free, it was the first time my Dad finally agreed to go with me.

    Please understand the type of man my Dad is he would never get his feet done, or get his hands manicured, but somehow I convinced him to go with me, just to have that time to spend together. Anyone who knows me, knows my family is my foundation. More than an ig post, or facebook shootout, making sure my parents are good is always top priority for me. I don't have to post it, I'm there no matter what. And at that time I was taking him to his doctor's appointments, setting up movie dates because he loved movies, dinner outings, barbershop appointments or even do it myself. I cherish those times. My dad was so funny so charismatic, he would make everything a good time. So as we were walking up to Burke Williams, he stopped mid-way and said he wasn't doing this and he didn't need to go. Mind you, his feet had not been pedicured ever, he needed to go. We checked in, at the front desk and she gave us our locker numbers. It was around my Dad's birthday so I wanted to treat him to something different but really nice.




    My relationship with my Dad was everything a young girl could ask for, which is why as I got older I was so invested in doing whatever it took to help my Dad because he helped me all my life. There was never a promise my Dad broke, never a school play or event he didn't attend, he was always there. We finally walk in and the host sits us in our plush chairs pedicure chairs and proceeds to run the water. My Dad is making jokes the whole time, saying he never coming again and next time I better ask my mom to go with me. Laugh out loud.



    We were served a fruit platter which is my favorite and I swear my Dad's nail tech was working magic because my his feet actually looked good after.  He was complaining about his toe nails before and said his feet felt a lot better, pats self on the back. We laughed and joked and I had such an amazing time. Going to the spa after that day, and seeing where we was sitting at always makes me smile, as I think back on that day. Cherish the moments you have with your love ones because you never know when it's your last. This was my first Father's Day without my Dad and all the heartache I felt after he passed away came rushing back to me all over again. But then I think about his impact on me and my life as well as the times we spent and it gives me a little bit of relief. I think back on all the good times we shared.



    Make sure you spend time and appreciate your family on special occasions and everyday. Hope everyone had an amazing Father's Day!








    Thank you for reading! Appreciate your comment!

    Josalyn Nicole July 2020

    Very well written.. Good job dad

    Rich June 2020

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